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New featured Module: Image Map

With the new module hotspots can be placed on an image and filled with links or content. These can be marked with selectable symbols from a symbol library. This module is very suitable for creating tutorials, for example, but can also be used in many other application scenarios.

Important Announcement

Acy - Mailing replaced by TheNewsLetter

Please note that Acy-Mailing is disconnected since 08.03.2022. The new Solution is TheNewsletter.


More new Beaver-Builder Modules

  • Content Slider
  • Tile-Navigation/Module


What is in the Pipeline ?

The following modules / plugins have already been tested and, if necessary, adapted to the BASF specifications.

  • The implementation of the wordpress posts feature is in progress
  • BASF-Rating Plugin (Star-based rating Plugin for Posts)

Use our Pagebuilder based on BeaverBuilder

Content Modules
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Flexible layout with one to six columns
Rechteck 59
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External system integrations


Tealium Webtrends is the BASF-Standard
Analytics-Solution and Implemented in
Our WordPress-Product.


SINEQUA is the BASF-Entrprise
Search based Product and also
implemented in WordPress.

How to Start


How to start with a own subsite!

Before you start a request for an own subsite (GD-Projects), go in contact with Anemone Kunze first.

She is the communication officer and responsible for GD Intranet topics. For all others start directly an Service-Now

Key Facts

Content classification
or internal

Fast Deployment

Short amount of effort for big outcome of content

Freedom of creating own content


Easy Access Easy to set up Easy Content Creation

Intuitive & simple usage
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More about our product

services & roadmap

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where to get training

where to get help


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